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Membership Criteria

Our membership is open to all women who have a keen interest in improving settlement and integration services for immigrant and refugee women and who subscribe to the vision, mission and goal of the organization.​

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Benefits of Being a Member

There are many benefits to becoming an IWS member, including:

  • Eligible to vote during our Annual General Meetings
  • Eligible to stand for an election as a Director on the Board
  • Receive up to date information on programs and services
  • Receive information on job postings and career opportunities
  • Speak at members’ meetings
  • Receive invitations to IWS events
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How to Become a Member

To become a member, submit the New Membership Form to our main office along with your membership fee.

We accept cash or cheque for payment of your membership fee.

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Membership Fees & Renewal

  • The annual membership fee is $10/year for the employed and $5/year for the unemployed
  • Membership fees can be paid via cheque or cash*
  • The fee may be waived for any woman who is unable to pay
  • For membership renewal, complete the Membership Renewal Form and submit it to our main office along with the membership fee

*Please note, membership fees paid in cash should be exact change

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