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Impact Stories

Our ultimate goal is to help newcomer, immigrant, and refugee women and their families succeed in their new home by providing them with programs and service that will help them flourish as they adjust to life in Saskatchewan, Canada.

We are always pleased to hear that our services are making a difference and helping to achieve this goal. Here are a few testimonials and stories from people we have served.

  • Nickel, Women Connect Participant

    As a newcomer to Saskatoon, I wanted to find a network to build relationships. In my quest for this, I learned about IWS and took a closer look at some of the programs being offered.

    My interest was piqued upon learning about the WomenConnect program. So far, the sessions have been fun, enlightening, and interactive. I truly appreciate the space created, with amazing women from varied backgrounds to share and connect. The hosts are warm and welcoming, and provided a safe space where persons feel comfortable to share without feeling judged.

  • Lyubov, Prep-Up Participant

    In the Winter of 2022-23, I participated and graduated from the Prep-Up employment readiness program at International Women of Saskatoon. During this time, I received a lot of valuable information about job hunting and how to best present myself as a person. I learned about different skills and how it works in teams. Now I know how to write a cover letter and a perfect resumé, and I know how to apply for an application form to work. This program prepared me for job interviews in Canadian culture. I highly recommend that everyone take this course before starting their job search.

  • Orod Monzavi, Employment Training Program Participant

    Orod completed a volunteer work placement for 6 weeks, and is now working for that same company! Here’s what he had to say about ETP:

    My wife and I arrived in Canada from Iran on February 2021 and came straight to Saskatoon. After two weeks of quarantine, a friend introduced us to IWS. I got my CLB test results and started participating in the ETP.

    ETP staff – Nomin and Kareen – patiently helped us, and I will always be grateful for this! Through this program, I found friends who, like me, had challenges settling in a new country. During this period, IWS worked with us on resume-writing, writing formal and informal emails, behaving in the workplace, conducting interviews correctly, and navigating the job market. Then, we volunteered for 6 weeks. Kareen worked very hard with me, and Nomin accompanied us to all interviews. The company which I volunteered for hired me after 3 months, and I’ve been working there since!

  • Chris, Prep-Up Participant

    Prep-UP is a very helpful class for integration into work life in Canada. I learned what an employer expects from an employee. It also helped me to understand how to act in a new country and at a new workplace. I’m very happy that I had the chance to join this class. Ameena was an excellent teacher, patient and had all the time for questions. The content was on point, easy to understand and actionable. Overall, it’s a helpful seminar that facilitates entry into Canadian working life.

  • Afsaneh, Prep-Up/Tech4Beginners Participant

    The impact of participating in the Prep-Up and Tech4Beginners programs at IWS has impacted me in three ways: I’ve become aware of the rights I have as a newcomer; I’ve gotten familiar with the new culture, ethics and environment; and the approaches of finding a job and the proper work atmosphere principles. By having these courses, I’ve felt confident and had a sense of belonging to a new society. Plus, having an instructor who answered my questions, assisted me in coping with my fears.