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Employment Training Program (ETP)

ETP is a 15-week full-time work readiness program tailor made to enhance the participants’ career enhancement skills and their ability to maintain employment in entry level positions in Saskatchewan labour market. The program team will also assist the participants with personalized career action planning support and connections with potential employers.

This program is funded by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Immigration and Career Training.

About the Program

  • ETP includes 9 weeks of work-life skills readiness training followed by 6 weeks of one-on-one job coaching.
  • The program includes both in-class and online sessions on the following:
    • Writing a resume and cover letter
    • Preparing for a job interview
    • Help with completing job applications
    • Setting career goals
    • Job search strategies
    • Computer skills
    • Communication skills
  • The program also includes subsidized vocational training (WHMIS, First Aid & CPR, Food Safety L1, Personal Care Worker, Service Best)
  • The program addresses common barriers to employment such as limited language proficiency, lack of Canadian work experience, lack of knowledge about the job application process and educational constraints.
  • The program also covers the nuances of Canadian multicultural workplace culture and the history of the First Nations, equipping you with comprehensive knowledge for your job search.
  • Following completion of the program, participants will receive ongoing job development support to help them find employment.
  • Participants who complete the program will receive a certificate of attendance.

Note: Participants are expected to attend the entire length of the program.

Who Can Participate?

  • This program is ideal for newcomers, immigrants and refugee women and men 18 years of age and older.
  • Must be eligible to work in Canada (Permanent Residents, Work Permit or Citizen).
  • Lived in Saskatchewan less than 5 years
  • Achieved Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) levels 3, 4, or 5.
  • Interested participants must attend an interview to determine their eligibility and if this program will meet your career goals.
  • Proof of immigration status and a copy of your CLB language assessment is required.

Common Questions About ETP

  • This program is crucial for newcomers who have been in Saskatchewan for less than five years. It addresses common barriers to employment such as lack of Canadian work experience, and educational constraints. It will equip you with job search skills, an understanding of the Canadian workplace, and personalized career action plans. For those with CLB levels 3 to 5, the ETP offers targeted support for entry-level employment opportunities. These programs collectively aim to enhance your employability and aid successful integration into the Saskatchewan job market.
  • As soon as possible after you arrive in Saskatchewan, especially if you’ve been residing in Canada for under five years. Starting early in your settlement process can significantly enhance your employment prospects and successful integration into the local job market.
  • The program is designed to support you at various stages of your settlement journey.
  • On the day of your appointment, please bring identification, immigration documents, and any educational or professional certificates you possess.
  • During your appointment, you will meet with our staff who will introduce you to the program and its components.
  • This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have and learn about the resources available to you.
  • Your application will be reviewed to ensure that you fully satisfy the enrolment conditions
  • The program team will communicate the final decision to you
  • If invited to participate, the program will progressively prepare you for the job market, culminating in practical interview training and networking opportunities.