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English Language
Testing & Referrals

The Language Assessment and Referral Centre (LARC) Saskatchewan program provides free language assessments and referrals to federally funded language programs (LINC). Language assessments are currently available in Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert.

Employment Programs

Employment Programs are coming up in November and December and we are currently accepting applications.

To register for either program, please contact us by phone 306-978-6611 or by email! 


It really such an honor to be a part of this program and I am forever grateful being a part of it. The knowledge that I gained for three months of studying really affect my everyday life. I can say that I am a better person now. This program not only help me to enhance my knowledge as a person, but also my skills as an employee. I always believe that "you should know a little bit of everything". In such a short period of time studying under this program, I acquired skills about Basic Excel Office, Financial Literacy, First Aid Training, Work Hazardous Materials Information Systems and a lot more. This training will surely help me land a better career and a better future. Thanks to International Women of Saskatoon.
Former IWS Participant
I knew IWS for a long time, but never contact them. Since I was a part of the Employee Training Program, I felt it was like a home, because everyone is nice and friendly. When I was in this program, I was learning many things that I never learned before. I had never thought one day I can become a teacher, because I though that I don't speak English very well and I can't do it. This program made me confident, that means you have experience about your career from a job, you can do it! It helps me a lot. So keep learning and going, your dreams will come true.

Former IWS Participant
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